SHANTOU YINGYE PLASTICS CO.,LTD was founded in 1987,which is one of modern large-scale enterprises owns about 25,000 square meters modern factory building with advanced equipment.We are specialized in variety of plastic cosmetic packaging and the main products include plastics case for Lipstick, Compact, Lip-gloss, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Mascara, etc.

Yingye owns around 300 sets advanced equipment, which includes the automatic injection molding machines,bottle blowing machines, auto-coating production line, hot stamping silk printing machines and so on. Our products are widely accepted all around the world and the main export markets are Europe, America, Southeast of Asia, Middle East, and other areas. After near 30 years' experience in the cosmetic packaging industry,we have focused on customer service and quality product for worldwide markets.

In the future,in dealing with the spirit of “quality good, customer first, integrity based and scientific management”, we will keep exploiting more and more good products and trying our best to meet customers’ requests from all over the word.


版權所有: 汕頭盈業塑膠有限公司 技術支持:汕頭盛大
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